Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Celebrity with the Worst Clothing options at BAFTA 2015

Choosing the perfect dress, as well as draw attention is not easy. With the ranks of fashion stylists, hairdressers and others, the stars sometimes still make the wrong decision dress on the red carpet. Start of pieces that too much indulgence in the chest, the dress size did not fit, and poor color choices, this is the celebrity with the worst dress choice in the BAFTA event in 2015 at the Royal Opera House, London.

1. Hofit Golan
Actress Hofit Golan selection of dress is definitely attract attention, but it does not look stylish or elegant. Pieces in the chest appear with a strange structure, plus there are pieces in a gold star on top of a sheer material that makes this dress as a costume for the purposes of the film.

2. Nimrat Kaur
Dress in pink below may be sweet if it was made in the version of five-year-old kids clothes, but when worn Nimrat Kaur presented precisely the impression that seem less appropriate. Pieces cape and collar also looks less pretty and not in accordance with the overall look of the dress.

3. Natalie Dormer
Natalie Dormer elegant blue dress with black, but unfortunately the overall appearance look garbled due lace gloves are open at the finger.

4. Mica Levi
British eccentric singer, Mica Levi ensure their bodies warm with clothing made from PVC; material began to glance at the fashion industry in the early '60s. But the warmth of the PVC coat coupled with the high fashion sense, and the result looks like a crew Mica red carpet event, far from being a star.

5. Hayley Atwell
No need to force appear with a tight dress to give the effect of a more slender body. One-one actually malfunctioning embarrassing fashion like stars Captain America, Hayley Atwell. Stitches under his arm torn and show how bad the quality of the dress.


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